Insert our icons directly into your HTML with just a line of code.
Hosted by a production-scale CDN. To use, link or buy.

Launch your new UI products to the market quicker and at a lower cost. With OMG-IMG, you can stay
focused on your app’s business logic, not on the nitty-gritty tasks like adjusting icon sizes, colors,
formats, etc. You don't have to export icons or store them on a server.
Everything becomes much easier with OMG-IMG.


OMG-IMG service architecture allows icon search directly from the browser's address bar.
Just insert the tag directly into your HTML. Icons8 will find the matching icon and
generate it in the right style, size, and color.

It finds a search icon in our most popular style with the default resolution for this style (50px) and black color.

For icon names consisting of two or more words, use "-" or "_" to separate them. For example,"left‐arrow."

To see all our icons, check our web app or download our apps for Mac,
Windows, and Linux — they are free, handy, and work offline.


To recolor monochrome icons, use color codes. Example:

The icon is recolored to #2266EE.


Set the icon style by adding its name. Example:

We have over 80 icon styles. Check all the styles in the web app.

Format and size

The icons are in PNG format. The maximum free size is 512px.
To unlock all formats and sizes, get a license or integrate our API.

To resize, add the pixel size:

The icon is resized to 96x96px.

Each style has a standard size it was designed for, also called a pixel-perfect size.
You can check the pixel-perfect size for the selected style in the web app.
To avoid artifacts (blurred edges, washed-out colors, etc.) associated with icon size change,
we recommend using several pixel-perfect sizes. For example, for iOS, it is 50x50, 100x100, 150x150, etc.

You can set icon sizes by specifying the size in pixels or using factors: “2x” or “x2.” For example:


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